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Conversation and Companionship

Studies prove that seniors who stay social and engaged have a better quality of life.  They also have a lower tendency to develop depression and general cognitive decline.  Our caregivers provide friendly company, conversation, and mealtime companionship — a fantastic way to keep your loved ones engaged and upbeat.

Meal Preparation

Daily tasks, like meal preparation, can be a lot of work for seniors.  Our caregivers step in and help in the kitchen when needed.  They cook hot and wholesome meals to meet nutritional and dietary needs.  Your loved ones are always welcome to work alongside their caregiver during meal prep.  This time spent working together is an excellent opportunity for social interaction and conversation. 


Our caregivers can take care of all laundry needs, either in the home or at a nearby laundromat.  These services may include washing, drying, ironing and putting clean laundry away.

Light Housekeeping

Our caregivers are available to provide light housekeeping.  Our services include vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping, cleaning bathrooms (sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets), cleaning kitchens (sinks, appliances, counters, and taking out the trash), straightening all rooms, organizing closets and drawers and cleaning any interior windows reachable without a ladder.

Grocery Shopping/Errands

Getting around can be difficult for seniors, especially if they are unable to drive.  Our caregivers take care of this problem by running around for you.  This can include grocery shopping and other errands, such as stopping at the pharmacy or post office. Your loved ones are welcome to stay home or come along for the ride as a way to stay active.


Being out and about benefits a senior’s mind, body and spirit.  For older adults unable to drive, our caregivers provide transportation incidental to other services, such as medical appointments, barbershops, beauty salons and shopping.  Just about anywhere your senior wants to go, our caregivers can help them get there.

Medication Reminders

Although our caregivers cannot administer medications, they can assist in ensuring that clients take their medication as prescribed.  Our caregivers can help with opening medication containers, reading labels and reminding the client when it is time for the next dose.

Grooming Guidance

Paying particular attention to grooming can help a senior feel and look better.  As a person ages, grooming can sometimes present physical challenges.  Our caregivers assist clients with shampooing, shaving, hair combing and styling, and other grooming needs so seniors can look and feel their best.


At CarePlan USA, we provide companionship for the elderly and an array of other in home care services for seniors. From playing games and engaging in friendly conversation to providing assistance with household duties, CarePlan USA is at your service!

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