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​​Personal Care  tasks performed by certified professionals include bathing, toileting, grooming, shaving, dental care, dressing, and eating; and may include but are not limited to proper nutrition, home management, housekeeping tasks, ambulation and transfer, and medically related activities.

Personal Care

Skilled Nursing is the first level of service offered by CarePlan USA. Our Skilled Nursing team are health care professionals with several designations such as Advanced Practice Nurses, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Practical Nurses. Depending on the patient and the arrangements made in accordance with the assessment, CarePlan USA can provide an array of skilled nursing products and services including improving quality of health without drugs. For more information click on the link below.

​​CarePlan USA in partnership with           Ideal Therapy  takes pride in our work by constantly striving for excellence and choosing to create a higher standard of health care in the rehabilitation industry.

We want our clients to understand, therapy is not just physical, it is an experience where patients deserve a caring, highly trained and supportive team to maximize recovery and regain independence.

Our skilled services are concentrated into six main areas.

1. Medical Services

2. Skilled Nursing 

3. Personal Care

4. Companion / Sitter 

5. Rehab Services (OT, PT)​

​6. Consulting Services

CarePlan USA is a State of Georgia,

DCH Licensed Healthcare Facility

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